Friday, May 30, 2008



12 Videos done by the makers of Wallace & Gromit
I can't stop watching it!

1. Polar Bears and Bulbs

2. Supermarket Bags

3. Meerkats and Traffic

4. Eels and Electricity

5. Leopard and Litter

6. Jellyfish and Plastic Bags

7. Lions Recycle

8. Hippo Shower

9. Cows and Gas

10. Polar Bear Insulation

11. Dog on Standby

12. Lions Hate Rubbish

A glimpse of where I work...

Thursday, May 15, 2008

I love Sonia Rykiel!!!

Sonia Rykiel
Collection Spring-Summer 08

"In the garden
Everyone's eyes devour her
Pop prints with giant flowers
Tulle peppered with beads
Silk gazar
Bewitching panne velvet
Lettuce, sun and zinnia
Trompe l'oeil knits
Flirtatious colors
High waists
Wood heels
Whimsical belts
Rainbow bags
Super short shorts
Hologram sequin embroidery
Feather and silk chiffon folle
The final bouquet!"

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Ten Photographers I likeee.


Monday, May 5, 2008

Wishlists - TOO LONG!

Ballet Skirt from Fleur Wood

Stiloso Headhones by Boosted

MNG strapless gown

This particular festive hat!

Tamilla Bow Booties from Jigsaw

Kubrick Circle Cuff from Mimco

another MNG gown

Diana F++ camera from Urban Outfitters

My own photobooth!

Being photographed by Claire Shilland
Swimsuit by Anthropologie

Ester patent leather boots by Midas

Bowl hat by Kookaï

Everyday Finds

I just bought these shoes in Midas. They're actually super-comfy when you put them on. It's called Estela. I love patent leather!!

So Lovely Dress. I wasted my entire week's salary for this dress in pink by Fleur Wood.

Country Road glossy trench coat. I went to the shop 3 days a week eyeing for this coat until I finally decided to buy it.

Black velvet cardigan by Witchery. I'm trying to buy more black and less colours now. I looked at my wardrobe and only a handful of the clothes shoes and bags are in black.

Kia green gown by MANGO. I finally got a gown!!

Classic Frock dress by Alannah Hill. I'm in love with maxi dresses especially when the fabric is soooo beautiful!