Thursday, December 25, 2008

My Own

My Own by rougecheeks

ikutan Heidyyyyyy!

peach cocktail by fivana

OZ designer: Willow

'WILLOW is a luxury, fashion-influenced, boutique lingerie label providing elegant, timeless, sassy designs, refined craftsmanship, luxurious sophisticated fabrics and seductive flattering cuts.

WILLOW lingerie is designed-to-be-shown, to be styled in with your outfit using exquisite unique straps and beautiful colours every season.

WILLOW plays with the idea of bra jewellery, providing changeable straps which acts like a jewel. For instance in the first season Willow created multi-strand fine chains with metal stars dangling randomly over the shoulder.'

For Willow's website click here

OZ designer: Kirrily Johnston

Kirrily Johnston launched her namesake label for Spring Summer 2004/2005. The collection named "Meet Me At The Magic Club" received outstanding reviews from some of Australia's most influential fashion editors.

Having received formal training at the Melbourne Institute of Textiles, Kirrily Johnston began her career in fashion in Melbourne in 1999. Now based in Sydney, her aim has been to blend elegance with innovation. Focusing on luxurious fabrics and quality craftsmanship, Kirrily's clothes are detailed and tailored yet maintain a sexy modern edge.

For Kirrily's website click here

Wall*E's best screenshot - looking every bit as real

Sunday, December 21, 2008


After months and months of playing Mac's Big Band Reversi game, I won from Sun 59 by 5! hah! (lame I know)