Monday, January 25, 2010


Learn to crawl
Learn to rebel
Learn to love
Learn to live

Live to give
Live to receive
Live to leave
Leave to be

Be yourself
Or be like her
Be less like an ass
Or be not afraid

Don't be afraid
Don't be jealous
Jealousy or betrayal
Betrayal or revenge

Revenge is necessary
What are your necessities?
What are your flaws?
Flawlessness is next to godliness
Are you God?

God is coming
God is near
So they say
Say it now

Now's the time
Time, time, time

The Time to work
The Time to live
The Time to love
The Time to be

Bali Trip

On December 27th 2009 I sadly left Sydney for good to Jakarta. I stopped by Bali for 5 days to celebrate my mom & dad's 25th wedding anniversary with my sister and my Oma. Here are some pics from Alila Uluwatu and Karma Kandara, the 2 best places in Bali to date. (more to come).