Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Pictures and WhatNots part 2

Carine Roitfeld and the Paris Vogue crew. I felt like reaching my hand out into my computer screen and steal each of their coats.

Oh Giovanna how can you wear those pants and still look cool

Carinne is so out of this worrrrllllldlddddd

From Jak and Jil's blog. I want the jacket so bad my head hurts.

Finally after months of drooling on the shop window of Kirrily Johnston, I got a pair of her sandal-tights in 1 for a bargain price yipppeeeeee. More posts of my recent purchases coming out sooooonnnn.

OMG Audrey even in bicycles you still exude exuberance.

Allyson Magda's engagement photography. Qutie pie.

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