Friday, October 30, 2009

Copying and Adding from Missatlaplaya

An excerpt from Missatlaplaya blog. So true! But I'll need to add some more.

Things I'm tired of seeing in the magazines:

- Editorials where the styling and the models imitate Marilyn Monroe/Twiggy/Madonna/Classic movies. Have they run out of ideas? There are infinite ways to make an editorial without copying past styles.
- Articles about the favourite beauty products of the celebrities. Which is obviously fake, as they have contracts with major beauty brands and they couldn't say the real products they use.
- Editorials featuring models/celebrities with no make-up and no photoshop retouching, and then, on the next pages, the rest of editorials with photoshopped photos.
- The charity work of Angelina Jolie. It is great that she uses her money and her influence to make the world a better place, but I don't like reading about it every month.
- Articles featuring luxury hotels of the Caribbean. I don't really understand why they always make articles about them. Do people really go to those places? Is it necessary to write about them on every issue?
- Editorials with no styling, that is, the model wears the outfit as it appeared on the runway.
- Articles recommending the motorbike leather jacket as the trend of the season. Really? They do it almost every season, in every issue. That, and the trench coat.
- "Eco-friendly" themed articles.
- The best clinics for botox, surgery, etc.
- Interviews to politicians.
- Silly headlines such as "Norma Jean" for an article on denim.
- The horoscope. Does anyone read it anymore?
- Articles translated from the international editions of the magazines, but months later.


- Articles about body issues. Come on! Fashion business is risky and if you don't want to risk your body then don't enter it let alone discuss it, it's just hypocritical.
- Articles about Paris Hilton. She doesn't even skim the surface of stylish.
- Articles about cheaper "designer-inspired" stuff that you can find on lower retail stores, especially Australian mags although I admit the retail business here is more to blame. It's still a fake goddammit.
- A spread dedicated to social parties and socialite's pictures, especially Indonesian magazines. I saw once a 10-page spread of some rich businessman's daughter's wedding party and photoshoot and I almost threw up.
- I hated how there are less and less styling advise for real women (one with career, one with children, etc), and too much for party women. I'm dying to see more accessory mixes, trousers, layers, hats and suits and less of a Gossip Girl combination of leather jacket+micromini dress+ankle boots+clutch please.

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Miss at la Playa said...

yours are very good too! I agree on the socialite girls articles... just awful!